“Making collaborative entrepreneuring and innovating,
do-able, affordable and bankable.”

Grow you grow others

As start-up entrepreneurs, business founders, or CEOs… We are both the greatest asset and liability of our business. For at least the first five years, our venture is us - warts and all - etched on the larger canvass that’s becoming a business. Our talents and strengths are our business’s treasure. Our warts and weaknesses, its trash.

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Grow your ventures

It’s wonderful when you design, create and start our own for-profit or social venture. Three cheers! It’s not so wonderful when within three years your venture joins the 40-60% of Startups that crash and burn.    Three boos!   To help guarantee your success… you may find these seven ‘secret’ action steps helpful.   

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Change the world

It may sound corny.  But business and social entrepreneurs who create businesses with soul, set out to change the world in some way – whether big, small or medium. And, as entrepreneurs, we do best, when we communicate we’re changing the world One BIG Idea at a time.

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Get great results!

Who are you?

Perhaps you are already an entrepreneur, business founder or owner, a CEO or company director. Or perhaps you want to bring out the innate entrepreneur in you.


Who are we?

Members of the C.E.O. Mentor Pty Ltd team are all highly-experienced collaborative entrepreneurs, opportunity-creators, innovators and business mentor-coaches.

Through C.E.O. Mentor Pty Ltd, and our two allied Venture Banks, we work with you collaboratively: to add real value to you, your team, your business, or your non-business entity, and create financial wealth, as well as wealth in the form of life and lifestyle well-being.

What is your purpose?

You already have, or you want to have, a worthwhile life purpose that forms the basis of your entrepreneurial purpose.

And in your own distinctive way, you are an innovator: You seek to add value to the world. You are keen to grow one, or more, ‘entities with soul’.

You’re highly independent and somewhat of a maverick. Yet you prefer to work collaboratively. And, as such, you incubate human talent and the human spirit – as you create financial wealth, community value, and personal and team well-being.

Three of your many business themes are: Grow Me. Grow Others. Change the world.


If you live in Melbourne, your chosen Mentor works with you face-to-face, one-to-one or in small groups. Most scheduled meetings are in our Collins St offices, and are supported by email, phone and skype interaction.
For the rest of Australia, and globally, your C.E.O. Mentor team works with you via skype, phone and email.

What do we do jointly?

What’s our chosen purpose?

We maintain all humans are born encoded to be change agents who make the world better – which is our definition of who entrepreneurs are. So you are an entrepreneur. And your entrepreneurial domain can be any field of human endeavour – not just business.
Importantly, in over 100 countries two-thirds of all adults think entrepreneurship is a great career choice.

At C.E.O Mentor, our purpose is to directly influence you to create and grow collaboratively, your own businesses or social ventures – as ‘businesses with soul’. And to have the life and lifestyle you want.


neville2Why not now? With all meetings tailored to suit your needs and timetable.


Highly Confidential

Naturally, everything we do together is totally confidential.

Make Contact

Phone or SMS our Founder and Chairman, Neville Christie, on 0420 978 932, or email Neville on neville@nevillechristie.com