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Grow you, grow others

Assets and liabilities

We know, as start-up entrepreneurs, business founders, or CEOs… We are both the greatest asset of our business … and its biggest limitation, or liability.


And for at least the first five years, our business is our canvass. And our growing venture is us – warts and all. Our talents and strengths are our business’s treasure. Our warts and weaknesses, our business’s trash.

So what sort of ‘painting’ are we creating?

Important secret

Over the years literally billions of dollars have been spent, and wasted, as businesses try, in vain to train away people’s weaknesses – and turn them into strengths. No! No! No! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

The big double-headed secret is counterintuitive:

1. Ignore weaknesses, build on talents and strengths

2. To grow your business: Grow you, and grow others! Make your business an incubator of talentand ideas, and watch you, your team, and your business grow.

Forget weaknesses

You and I must not seek to overcome our weaknesses. Rather we ignore and neutralize them – by recruiting others and finding allies who have the talents and strengths we lack.

For you to grow your business quickly and well, you must:

  • build on your talents and strengths
  • grow YOU!
  • then build on the talents and strengths of your core team
  • and grow THEM!

Want evidence?

If you want evidence read this research summary. And, by the way, our talents are our in-born, naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour. They are what we received as our birthright.


But our talents require development, training, experience and insight to become skills, and then strengths.

You may have all the inborn body grace and natural sense of rhythm to be a great dancer. But it takes you 10,000 hours of practice to gain mastery. Same with athletics. Same with every entrepreneurial, business and management skill.

Skills are our abilities in action: how we apply ourtalents, aptitudes, knowledge, practice – to do things well. Skills are the systematic steps we take to produce quality output.

Strengths are a combination of talent, knowledge, skills and practice to give us mastery.

Stop selling us short

Abraham Maslow, the great humanist psychologist claimed, “The story of the human race is men and women selling themselves short.”

All airlines say, “Put your own oxygen mask on first”. So, to stop selling you, and your business short, you:

Grow You

  1. Forget your weaknesses – don’t try to turn trash into treasure
  2. Instead, shake hands, firmly, with your natural, inborn treasure – your talents
  3. Make your talents the foundation stones of your business
  4. Grow your talents – so they become both skills and strengths
  5. Get a mentor or two or three to assist
  6. Excel in collaborative mentoring and being mentored, the art of purposeful dialogue, setting and conveying performance goals, giving feedback

Grow Others

Then you grow others – based on their talents and strengths

  1. Recruit others who have talent where you have trash
  2. Fill every single job role with people with talent and strengths even more than with skills and experience
  3. Build your talent and strengths-based business as an incubator of talent and the human spirit. Be a mentor, one-on-one, to your team and clients
  4. Acknowledge you are unique. And so is everyone else in your team
  5. Relate to each team member and each customer individually and uniquely: Break the rules. Play favourites. Give your most attention to the most talented. And to those whose talents replace your weaknesses.
  6. Create ways to measure, assess and reward outcomes – not inputs.

Learn from research

The team at CEO Mentor did not make these principles up. They’ve come from some of the most extensive and intensive research ever conducted – by the prestigious Gallop organization – into how to create high growth, high performing teams and businesses.

This research is summarized in two important books:

“First, Break all the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently,” by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman.

“Now, Discover Your Strengths,” by Marcus Cunningham and Donald O Clifton.

Watch this video

CEO Mentor theme

Based on the Gallup research, one key message here at CEO Mentor is:

What? In order to get the life and business you want: Grow you. Grow others. Grow your venture into a business. Grow your clients and team to grow your business. Change the world!

How? Create a great life and business Purpose. Then: Get a Mentor or two for you. And be a Mentor to your team and clients. No matter how young or old you are.

Talk, talk, talk


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