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Grow your ventures

Turn possible failure into guaranteed success and

Grow your ventures into sustainable businesses…with ten action steps

More new ventures every day

Around the world, the number of new start-up ventures are dramatically on the rise. One interesting study by Moya K. Mason, uses data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, and extrapolates them to include non-member countries.

She estimates that in 2016, worldwide there are 472 million entrepreneurs attempting to create and build 305 million new ventures. Around one-third, or 100 million new businesses will open each year around the world. That’s an average of 274,000 every day!

Damned lies

We all know there are “Lies, damned lies and statistics.” But as we overview in another post, “Failure – the key to your new venture success,” the statistics on the survival rates of new ventures are scary for the first 3-5 years. They range from a low of 8% to a high of 40%. Not that great!


However, the experience of the C.E.O Mentor team, and research into Silicon Valley successes, indicateyou dramatically increase your chance of surviving, and thriving, in your new venture when you follow, and action, these ten core secrets or steps

Ten core secrets

So, turn possible failure into guaranteed success… by you action-ing seven not-so-well-known ‘secrets’.

  1. Start with an achingly meaningful purpose
  2. Build only on natural talents and strengths
  3. Focus on one Big Idea
  4. Design and grow a business with soul
  5. Create a killer business model
  6. Get your early funding from bootstrapping, family and friends and from sales, sales, sales. Then debt, angel funding and venture capital.
  7. Engage obsessively in dialogue– with your clients, customers, patrons, supporters, and team
  8. Purposively move your venture through six clear stages: Validation. Efficiency. Scale. Profit Maximising. Renewal.
  9. Create sound core business systems well before you decide to scale.
  10. Collaborate! Partner! Team! Collaborate! – rather than going solo.

Over time, we add notes about each of these secrets. So, why not bookmark this page and return regularly?

But right now… here’s an 11th secret:

Reflectiveness is the foundation stone of all learning and growth.


An important study, conducted by the OECD in 34 countries, proved that reflectiveness is the foundation stone on which we build all our skills, strengths and competencies.

Want to build your talents into strengths? Then take time to reflect daily. For example, reflect on the seven ‘secrets’ above. Reflect, on what you have done and learnt today. Reflect on these original Nevilleisms written by CEO Mentor’s Executive Chairman, Neville Christie.


The purpose of our life is to create a life of purpose

Life has no meaning till we create it through our created Purpose

A great Purpose underlies every great business

Our big business Purpose, creates our Destiny

No big fat hairy audacious dreams? That’s a nightmare!

Of course, our business is about making money, but what else is it about?

Tired of chasing your dreams? Ask them where they’re headed. And catch up in a day or two.

One driving idea

How come… business gurus so often peddle snake oil?
Let others steal your lesser ideas. That frees you to ram your One Big Idea down their throats

Your best business driver is your urge to change the world, described in one brief sentence

Customer obsession

Customers are the ones we innovate with

Let’s innovate – alone and together. But let’s innovate!

Customers are not created equal – some are far more equal than others

Us asking dumb questions of our customers sure beats us correcting our dumb mistakes.


Business building

Define your business goals cleanly and clearly so others see them as you do

The first half of our businesses building takes 99% of our time; so does the second the half

Don’t sweat the detail, they say, but the money’s in the detail

Established business logic and practice is now driving the world crazy

Growing a business is a lot about growing our people in it. And our clients

To re-invent our business, we re-invent us!


Enthusiasm is essential in building any business – but not enthusiastically running with untalented, wrong people

Great talent demands great will power

Recruiting for talent, and incubating talent, are the two best People policies

Everyone an entrepreneur

Sure enough…the entrepreneurial gene is sure restless

Our creativity is our mind out of line

As entrepreneurs, we find the energy to dream while we work our arse off!

Entrepreneurial creativity is divine discontentment

© But you are warmly invited to use them, naming Neville Christie as their author.

Reflect on these Nevilleisms

Want to build your talents into strengths? Then take time to reflect daily…

For example,

  • reflect on the ten ‘secrets’ above
  • reflect, on what you have done and learnt today
  • reflect on these original Nevilleisms created by C.E.O. Mentor’s Executive Chairman.

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