“Making collaborative entrepreneuring and innovating,
do-able, affordable and bankable.”

C.E.O Mentor Services

C.E.O Mentor Services

Making collaborative entrepreneuring and innovation, do-able, affordable, bankable

We imagine you are…?




The C.E.O Mentor Team

  • makes collaborative entrepreneuring and innovating do-able, affordable and bankable for you
  • offers you seven broad types of services
  • undertakes multiple roles for you and your business
  • charges you a small initial retainer, but mainly works and gets paid only from results

Seven broad portfolios of services

1. Adding value through Entrepreneurial and Business Mentoring

Here, apart from your initial investment paid as a retainer, your Mentors only get paid from the value they add directly and indirectly to you and your business.

Your initial, once-off, commissioning investment is $ 10,000, plus GST. Invest $10,000 and get $100,000. For this once-off fee, your Mentors – one or several – work with you to assess, plan and agree how, working collaboratively with you, they can add pre-agreed multiples of 10 x 10 x10 to you, your team, your business, your clients – over three different time horizons.


Three Different Time Horizons.

For example, together we:

  • create and implement a new, dynamic, business model
  • develop and implement a new set of strategies
  • overcome major hurdles or setbacks
  • finalise a takeover
  • develop and get to market a valuable new technology or intellectual property
  • double net profit

For more examples, once again see: 55 Examples of Added Value

This added value might include new sales or clients, new referral networks, a more vital business model, new products or services, increased gross margins and EBIT, new initiatives, a joint venture.

It might be a bigger, brighter, better ‘You’!

For more examples of possible value add packages, see: 55 Examples of Added Value

What next?

So, after you and your Mentor together have added, say, the first pre-defined $100,000 value to you and your business, you negotiate fees and involvement from there. You have got your initial mentoring investment back. You have made a ten times return. And you have the cash to invest in more mentoring.

You only continue working with your C.E.O. Mentor when and where you have gained the pre-agreed value in your hand. And where all additional fees to your Mentor can be paid from the new added value you’ve gained.

Second:   Setting up, resourcing, and chairing new-style Boards 

If you want to take big, new, different leaps forward – the C.E.O Mentor team assists you set up your own, highly-tailored, Strategic Innovation Board.

If you want to do what you already do far better, and position yourself for high growth now. And, eventually, be ready for a trade sale, management buy out, management buy in, exit or IPO – your specially-designed Board becomes your Management Advisory Board. Or IPO Board.

Even if you are a Start-up, you might also benefit from a Pop-Up board. A joint venture board. A virtual board. An ad hoc board.

See new-style boards.


Payment only by results

You can benefit a lot from any of these seven new-style Boards set up with you by C.E.O. Mentor, because, typically, with all seven boards, Board members get the bulk of their fees paid only from sharing in the results they assist you achieve. No outcomes, no fees.   Advice only, no fees. Don’t, or can’t, perform, no fees.

Depending on the size and type of your Board, the annual retainer – tied to results – may range between $20,000 and $50,000 plus GST. Plus a pre-agreed results fee, on results actually achieved.   As a guide, this might range between 10-20% of the value add.

Third:   Member of a CEO Syndicate

There are many advantages in you joining a syndicate of like-minded CEOs who are in non-competing industries.

Our Founder and Chairman, Neville Christie, chairs two such syndicates for the CEO Institute and he can facilitate your membership of the Institute, which runs some 56 syndicates around Australia.

Fourth:   Your own company specific syndicate

Or if you prefer, we can set up and chair your own in-house syndicate made up mainly, or exclusively, of your own team, with external invitees to cover special topics, opportunities, issues.  Agendas and outputs are tailored totally to your needs.
Agendas and outputs are tailored totally to your needs.

The C.E.O. Mentor team can organise and chair these syndicates for you.  And in some cases, they can count towards Continuous Professional Development if you are engineers, accountants, lawyers, and so on.

Fifth:   Venture Banking for innovators


No salaries or fees

Typically with these joint ventures, no-one, including you or us, gets a salary or fees during the development and commercialization phases.
All payments come from sharing equity and dividends from income and profits actually generated.

You may have a fantastic, scalable new business initiative… but not have all the know-how, talent, funds, resources, or market access… to develop and commercialize your new initiative, invention, innovation, technology, or intellectual property… and get it profitably to market.In this case, the C.E.O Mentor team offers you access to our Venture Banking arm, New Enterprise Services Pty Ltd.

If we agree to proceed collaboratively, we form a joint venture, directed, typically, by a Strategic Innovation Board. And, with you, the CEO Mentor and the New Enterprise Services team, do whatever is needed to make our joint creativity bankable.

This might include acting to:

  • conduct product and market testing to ‘fail fast’
  • complete the technology or software development
  • assemble the CEO and core team
  • inject funds and other resources
  • develop and implement the business model
  • find the right marketing partners
  • identify ideal customers
  • build a strong sales pipeline

Sixth:   Innovation arm for medium-sized corporation

There is a growing realization that in this time of enormous transition, every Australian executive – of every sort of organization, business and non-business – must let the entrepreneurs inside them out.

And that every organization – tiny, small, medium and large,–must strengthen their innovation muscles, be innovative, and build a dedicated innovation arm,that not only finds, designs and creates new innovations, but resources them and gets them profitably to market.


Two of C.E.O. Mentor’s allied businesses, New Enterprise Servicesand Alchimie Innovators are specialists in custom-building this innovation arm for mid-size organisations. – including not-for-profit organisations.

Typically we work with you over three time horizons to mine the gold in your core business, create your next generation of products, services and businesses, and resource and execute these opportunities to ensure you have a clear long-term vision and growth trajectory.

For more details see: New Enterprise Services and 15+ Types of innovation.

Seventh:   Access to on-going learning and motivation


Here, and from our sister site, http://www.nevillechristie.comwe direct you to free and subscription content – in the form of blogs, e-books, videos, apps, seminars, workshops – that assist you:

  • grow you
  • grow others
  • create and grow your business
  • mentor you as a Mentor
  • make a difference in the world

Multiple ways to assist you

At your discretion, select members of the CEO Mentor Team and network, can assist you achieve your goals: In multiple ways. And by undertaking multiple roles, such as:

All our interactions with you are totally customized to you, your specific needs and your unique situation.

You want to grow you?

  1. Grow your business or venture?
  2. Incubate your talents, and that of your team?     Grow your clients? Grow your wealth, well-being, life and life-style?
  3. Make a difference in the world? Do well, by doing good…?
  4. Innovate – and take a big jump forward?

A warm invitation

You’ve said, “Yes”, to one, of more, of these questions? Then, we warmly invite you to dialogue with one of the Directors of C.E.O. Mentor Pty Ltd, about how we might work with you, collaboratively to achieve your goals.

No initial cost. No obligation. In total confidence, of course.

Talk, talk, talk

nevilleOur Executive Chairman, Neville Christie, welcomes the chance to hear your story. To talk with you about what’s on your mind and plate.

And to see how we might fruitfully, and collaboratively, engage.

Ring Neville direct in Melbourne, Australia: + 61 [0] 420 978 932

Or contact him by e-mail: neville@nevillechristie.com


See also: www.businessmentor.melbourne