“Making collaborative entrepreneuring and innovating,
do-able, affordable and bankable.”

Value add

The Mentors of C.E.O. Mentor Pty Ltd work collaboratively with you to add up to 55 different packages of added value – to you, your business, your team, your clients… over three different time horizons.

Depending on what you need to grow both you as a person and you as a business, the packages are tangible, measurable or monetary – like, increased sales, gross profit, EBIT, enterprise value, market capitalisation.

Or the value add packages may be less immediately measurable – like, discovering latent ‘gold’ to mine, creating new business models, executing new strategies and alliances, incubating your talent, developing a range of enhanced products and services, building a more innovative culture, improving systems and processes, enhancing productivity…

To add this value, you might want members of the C.E.O. Mentor team to work with you

Target 10 x 10 x 10

Our commitment to you is to turn your initial $10,000 investment in mentoring fees into a $100,000 package of value.  So you gain your investment back, gain a significant return on your $10,000, have the funds to pay for more mentoring, and have the money to invest in the next ‘value’ package.

The following list is not exhaustive.  But it does cover some of the added value areas where you might like the C.E.O. Mentor team to work with you:

©  Copyright, CEO Mentor Pty Ltd, February 2016.  However, you are warmly invited to use these notes – acknowledging www.ceomentor.com as the source.

55 representative examples of $100,000 value add

Gain $100,000 new sales Lift gross margin by $100,000 Gain $100,000 additional EBIT Increase modular and package pricing Reduce costs by $100k
Turn $100,000 of costs into revenues Design and execute a more dynamic business model Identify and overcome major personal or business blockages Install a results-oriented sales and marketing system Identify and incubate core personal talents
Develop a new product-service or range Open up of a new client base Design one big new strategic initiative Identify hidden gold and turn it into nuggets Execute two deals worth $50,000
Identify and make productive ‘idle’ capacity Remove or enliven ‘dead’ wood. Consummate a ‘big deal’ strategic alliance Evolve a much larger sense of self, talent and capability. Enhance core IP
Enhance market positioning and profile Acquire new major productive Talent Develop new competencies, strengths and skills Describe, identify and focus on ideal clients Overcome the marketing-work feast-famine syndrome
Covert brains to product with recurring revenues Access new value adding sources of information Automate core processes and services Bring more design into products or services Negotiate a small takeover
Make excess capacity productive Develop more cost effective way to service low value clients or customers Transform the decision-making and communications culture Rework the value chain Identify 10 relevant trends for opportunities
Review how to best manage Millenials as clients and team members Clarify and align Personal and organisational Purpose Change the Givens of each of the 10 elements of the business model Build personal networks into a work referral system Change the nature of core assets – share, sell, lease, turn into revenue
Enhance productivity Identify 7 major leverage points for scaling your business Develop 10 actions to scale the business Mine and extend the client data base Embrace aspects of the sharing economy
Pursue “white space” & “what if” growth opportunities Align and connect strategy to execution Improve capability (internal, partnerships, supply chain) Align culture, actions & systems with purpose (create flow) Accelerate execution of ideas
Enhance strategic thinking & leading Accelerate commercialisation of new products/ services Become acquisition ready Identify and plan diversification Create a new ‘blue ocean’ strategy


©  Copyright, CEO Mentor Pty Ltd, February 2016.  However, you are warmly invited to use these notes – acknowledging www.ceomentor.com as the source.