“Making collaborative entrepreneuring and innovating,
do-able, affordable and bankable.”

You: the entrepreneur

Know it or not, you are an entrepreneur!

Like 350 million youother professionals around the world, you’ve probably posted your profile on LinkedIn. If so, you may know of Reid Hoffman, the Chairman and co-founder of LinkedIn who claims, “All humans are entrepreneurs. Not because they should start businesses. But because the will to create is encoded in human DNA”.

Our drive to make the world better

At C.E.O. Mentor, we agree with him. Entrepreneurs can be start-up pioneers, business owners, risk-takers… But, more generally, entrepreneurs are creative shapers of change  who make the world better – in small, medium, or big ways.

We all have this drive to create, and to make things different, better. For us, our family, friends, society, colleagues, clients, the world.

As Mr Hoffman suggests, “You are an entrepreneur” – whether you know it or not. And maybe even whether you like the idea, or not! This is why our C.E.O. Mentor team would love to work with you in collaboration to get your innovations to market.

What’s your job?

As a life-long entrepreneur you have three big jobs:

  1. to change the world in some specific big, small or medium way
  2. to add value, and make far better the lives of others – including the lives of your family, friends, loved ones, team members and clients
  3. to grow you to be the best you can be, and to have the best possible life you can imagine.

How you – and we – do our life-long jobs is in the reverse order to what we do:


You are change shaper

Let’s say you accept that you, in your own unique way, are an entrepreneur, and would like to fine tune this skill. Consider this Entrepreneur’s Manifesto

Make contact

At C.E.O. Mentor Pvt Ltd. we use this Manifesto as a starting point for all our mentoring of fellow C.E.O.s, social entrepreneurs, business owners and entrepreneurs of every other shape, size and hue.

Feel free to contact our Chairman, Neville Christie, on Melbourne 0420 978 932. Or by email: neville@nevillechristie.com

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